Jessica, Mandy, Stephanie and Susan were four women in their late 20s, and all regular visitors to nude beaches. They had been friends for years. Jessica and Mandy had been to university together, and they had gravitated towards Stephanie and Susan after meeting them in the nude beach scene four or five years ago. But this wasn’t their only common interest.  All four had an interest in circumcision and loved to show off their cut partners.  Each of the four women’s guys had a different style of circ, and after discussing the important issues of the day, the women loved nothing better than a couple of large gin and tonics and talk turned to circumcision and how their partners were cut and what they felt about it.

Jess’s man had a low and loose style cut.  She said that that was the way he came to her and she was glad that he lasted long, but was always a bit envious of how Stephanie and Susan could always see their man’s other head at all times, “theirs never had anywhere to hide” she’d joke, whereas her man's glans was half covered when he was soft. She was subtly building up to suggesting he could get re-cut for her birthday next year.

Mandy’s guy had his circumcision done at Mandy’s insistence, although there was a compromise.  His cut was a high and loose, so he still had something to play with, and after research he wanted to keep as much of his sensitive inner foreskin as possible..  “At least I got him cut though,” she'd say and she was delighted with improvement and saw no need for any further intervention.

Stephanie hadn’t insisted on her guy getting cut like Mandy had, her tactic was to ask her guy on a daily basis to get rid of that foreskin of his.  One day she finally got her wish. When the surgeon asked if they had considered different styles Stephanie came straight out with, ‘High and tight please.”  What she loved most about the high cut is the big difference in skin tone the some guys have between their inner and outer foreskin. A high tight cut makes the fact the guys been circumcised very noticeable. And she'd admit the fact there was no loose skin to masturbate freely with drove her wild. She loved that he needed to use lube to masturbate. How on earth did circumcision work in biblical times before lube she wondered...  i guess they had saliva.. and when was butter invented she once asked as they cackled with glee.

Susan’s man Jay wasn’t as lucky as the other 3 guys.  Susan was a nurse and had been for many years.  She had worked in a few local doctors and hospitals but really found her calling when she landed a job in the urology department.  Susan soon found her way into assisting as much as she could with any guy losing his foreskin, even if it was just booking him in.  Being in control of the rota she could schedule herself to assist as often as possible for the surprisingly high number of circumcisions that were referred from a certain Dr Green. It turned her on so much to “watch the magic happen” as she liked to call it, and having assisted many different surgeons and observed their technique, she considered herself something of an expert in the different results. She was studying like crazy to qualify as a urology surgeon and was looking forward to suggesting wives and girlfriends should be present and influence the type of cut their partner got. They would be the one's sucking and having sex with it after all.

A low and tight circumcision was her favourite for two main reasons.  His head never had anywhere to hide, soft or hard his head would always be there for her to admire.  Inside her she could feel its shape moving inside her not its own skin.   She knew she wanted to go as low as humanly possibly to make the circumcision thorough and complete and to remove as much of his pleasure as possible. She loved the idea of his desensitised cock pounding away at her whilst she had orgasm after orgasm as he struggled desperately to reach his climax, and that masturbation would be much harder for him to achieve. She also insisted on complete removal of the sensitive frenulum to further frustrate her man.

Alas not yet qualified Susan always worked to become close with those with the god-like powers of genital cutting at the hospital, particularly females, and after months of prep work and long drunken talks about circumcision, her best friend, the surgeon, Sally agreed to carry Jay’s  circumcision to Susan's radical standards even though it was much more severe than she usually cut..  Jay knew his circ was one the way, he and Susan had talked about it and she had told him the style she had chosen, but not reasons why and not when it was going to happen.

He arrived home one day before a long weekend.  He saw Susan and Sally standing in the hallway and he knew today was the day his other head lost its hiding place.  He was told to have a shower and when he came back downstairs naked  the dining room table had been cleared and a clean sheet placed over it. He was given a mild sedative and told to lie down. There were various tools and clamps on the sheet that would soon be used on him.  Susan’s friend Sally smiled at him and said, “Susan has been very specific in her instructions, you’re going to have quite the penis after this.”

He wondered what she meant.

Kim soon had the first part of the job done and handed severed Jay’s foreskin to Susan. They were both grinning with delight. Jay thought it looked like an awful amount of skin. Susan washed and put it a jar with something to preserve it in so she could have it as a memento.  “Just one more thing to do,” said Kim. “What do you mean?” asked Jay then was consumed with a pain that he’d never experienced before and thankfully would never do so again as Kim cut away his frenulum from his cock head.


These days, whenever they have new guests over for a dinner party and the conversation turns to circumcision Susan quickly announces that Jay was circed on this very table.  She even has his foreskin in a jar if they would like to see it.

It was Susan love of circ, discussing it, and showing off the results that lead her to set up this group of people.  What a brilliant thing it would be if women could get to see the different types of circumcision in real life.  Since she, her friends and theirs guys were all nudists why not set up a showcase where women could come and look and feel the difference.

Sometimes they would let an uncut guy into the showcase to further show the difference.  Especially if the guy had a long foreskin, he would always be positioned next to Jay with his extreme, radical cut to maximise the difference.  It was the job of any of the girls, Jessica, Mandy, Stephanie or Susan to talk to as many women on the beach as possible and invite them to come and look over their showcase, to feel and tug on the penises and compare their different aesthetics and function whilst soft and whilst hard.

They got many women by themselves to come and have a look but their favourite was couples with an uncut male.  They would put extra effort into showing off how much better and nicer a circumcised penis was over an uncut one.  “Imagine what your guy would look like if he was cut low and tight like Jay” they would say.  “His head would always be there for you to see, he’ll last much longer when having sex, and he won't masturbate as much meaning more sexual energy to be focussed on you”.   If the couple were interested they would talk about the options for circumcisions, and that some places do it for a charge.  Susan knew a place, or if they would like she could call her doctor friend and they could do the job there and then.  Where better than on the beach on a sunny day, especially if a group of supportive, empowered, interested women are watching?