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WHAT WE ARE: Erotic fiction fetishising male circumcision for the satisfaction of dominant females.

ETHICS: It is our view that IRL circumcision is for consenting adults only. We are strongly Anti-RIC: circumcision of minors is non-consensual genital mutilation and should (and will) be illegal when we reach more enlightened times.

Circumcision is an emotive topic and can be very difficult to separate out the horror and barbarism of when it's enforced on minors, to how in consenting adults it can be an empowering sexual choice and that many men and women are turned on by it. It's possible to hold both negative and positive views simultaneously. I'll write more on this in the future... The intention is to be sex-positive, but here we're crossing over with femdom fiction so there will be subjugation and erotic charge over what are perceived to be the negative aspects of circumcision, such as, but not limited to: sexualising the loss of male sexual sensation to enhance female sexual sensation, or fetishising male suffering and disempowerment in response to centuries of female oppression (or sometimes because some of the women in these stories are just plain mean and get off on it.)  If that all sounds too weird for words...  get the hell out of here!!  A find an erotic fiction website that caters to whatever works for you. We don't choose our fetishes.   

More on the potential psychological impact of non-consensual infant/child circumcision here: 


CONTENT: The 'Stories' section is to

1) Collate some of the classic femdom circumsexual stories from (often defunct) websites, forums, mailing lists etc...   Some of which I've re-edited but do not claim authorship.  If I have the author I'll be sure to give credit, but many do not.  (If any authors of these do not want these here, please contact me and I'll remove them asap, or on the flip side if you find your story here and want to claim authorship credit then let me know.)

2) Be a home for original material I've written including stories, ideas, fictitious interviews, works in progress that I've written or am working on...  some of these will be reprints from my Tumblr account.

3) Be a home for new original submissions from guest posters. (contact me to get involved)


CONTACT:  Contact me for any submissions, discussion, feedback, information at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. though not for a basic 'is circumcision is good or bad discussion'...  it's not black or white, it's very layered, and very complex... If you hate the fact that you were circumcised then my heart goes out to you. I know it can be incredibly difficult to live with, and please join us in the fight to get infant circumcision made illegal. Sexually, try to focus on what you have and not what you've lost. I honestly do believe it is possible to overcome circumcision trauma and be as hyper-sexual as anyone else regardless of what bits they have or haven't got...      Further help:

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