Original version credited to Kylereese

Desiree, Michael, and David work on a farm.

It was a hot summer day when Desiree was first called out to Michael’s farm.

Desiree, being a very well educated and skilled veterinarian found herself looking forward to meeting the millionaire that just purchased a new farm in the area. Adding to her excitement was the fact that Michael called her in to castrate several horses he rated unfit for breeding purposes. There were few things that managed to sexually excite her as much as thinking, or better yet, performing a castration. She found that making castration part of her sex play and naughty talk greatly increased the intensity of her orgasms. Pretending that her lover is about to enjoy his last orgasm before castration made sex that much more exciting for her. As a vet she knew the advantages of castration for a male. Less and finer body hair, severe shrinkage of the penis, scrotum and prostate, greatly reduced aggression, an eventual inability to achieve erections and a basically complete end to messy ejaculate were all factors she liked, but her favorite result was the castrated male’s inability to impregnate a female. Being a well educated and professional worker, she thought that women can be more in life than simple breeding chambers used for producing offspring by the male.

Everything went smoothly that day, and after dating for a couple of months, the two got married.

Desiree was fairly happy in her marriage, but there was one major problem.

Michael was attractive, well built and a good husband, but very cold and lacking in the sexual department. He frequently made excuses to avoid sex which he saw more as a job than fun, and to make things worse, he frequently went away for many weeks at a time to attend business meetings for the companies he owned, leaving Desiree sexually frustrated and horny.

It was during one of Michael’s month long trips away from home that everything changed for Desiree. Just before he left, Michael hired a new farm hand to help out with raising the cattle and other farm activities, and Desiree had to meet the new worker for the first time and show him what to do on the ranch.

Desiree was stunned when she met the young man in his late twenties that introduced himself as David. He was tall and slender (about a foot taller than Desiree) with an extremely handsome face. His skin although bronzed by the many hours of working outdoors was flawless and his dark blue eyes seemed to have a life of their own.

Desiree stared in awe at the most handsome man she ever saw in her life, marveling at his long wavy black hair that almost reached his shoulders, and she shuddered slightly at the “electricity” passing between them. With some men, she could feel the electricity almost as a spark, but in this case it was like lightning bolt.

It took Desiree a few moments to recover her composure, but as she showed David around the farm, she could feel herself falling in love with the man next to her that looked like a Greek god.

In addition, David had a great sense of humor, and Desiree knew that she would not be able to resist him for long.

One week later just after seven in the morning, Desiree walked over to the large cottage where David lived on the farm with a hot cup of coffee in hand.

Although Desiree had experience with a few men from previous relationships, nothing could prepare her what David had to offer. David took the coffee from her trembling hands, and placed it on the table. The next moment Desiree was held in a fiery embrace, and she eagerly returned David’s kiss that left her breathless and eager for more.

David lifted her off her feet, and carried her to his cozy little bedroom and gently put Desiree down on his bed. Unable and unwilling to stop herself, Desiree found her fingers eagerly unbuttoning his red shirt, almost tearing the fabric as she pulled the shirt away from his body. Desiree’s eyes widened for a split second when she saw his upper body naked for the first time. David’s entire chest was packed with muscles, lumpy abs and rock hard pectorals.

Although his muscle definition was incredible he still had a slender build, and Desiree was amazed at the total absence of hair on his body as she ran her trembling fingers over his rock hard chest and stomach, tracing the ridges and valleys of his muscles with her fingertips.

She felt her heart racing as David’s skilled fingers removed her blouse and bra, and he cupped her beautiful soft breasts with his hands. His fingernails were short and very clean, and he leaned down to take one of her stiff nipples in his mouth. With David standing next to the bed, Desiree quickly undid his belt buckle and pulled his pants down. What Desiree saw next, puzzled her a bit, because she could not understand why such a big bulge extended so far down the inside of his boxer shorts. She reached for the shorts, and teasingly pulled them down, holding her breath in anticipation of what laid hidden underneath. Desiree heard a soft gasp escape her mouth when she saw David’s naked genitals. The massive cock in front of her was throbbing with a life of its own. A full 14 inches, the penis resembled that of a horse, albeit a horse that was missing it's foreskin.

His pubic area was shaved smooth with not a single hair in sight. Underneath the monster cock a completely hairless scrotum dangled, struggling with the weight of its two testicles almost as big as chicken eggs. With fingers that trembled badly now, Desiree reached for the swollen prick and was impressed that she could barely manage to close her hand completely around the shaft.

With both her hands wrapped around the shaft of the dick, Desiree found that she would need a third had to completely cover the magnificent cock from its base to the ridge behind its swollen head. Desiree smiled as she noted the cock was cleanly and tightly circumcised. The scar that was left behind from the circumcision was incredibly low, directly behind the rim of the head. The entire inner foreskin was cleanly removed. The skin on the shaft of the penis was stretched as tight as possible, and the remaining skin was stretched thinner than paper. Desiree tried to move the thinly stretched skin on the shaft, but without success. She lifted the huge bulbous cock head, and felt her pussy juices starting to flow freely when she saw the entire frenulum was excavated from between the underside of the two halves. Just as she love fantasizing about castrating, particularly well-endowed, men, she was also incredibly turned on by circumcision, and the more thorough, the more radical the better. There was something unbelievably sexual about the power imbalance of removing sexual tissue and sensual enjoyment from men that drove her wild, and ironically, had driven previous partners wild when she had introduced this kind of play into the bedroom. She wished her husband Michael had been receptive, but it was hard enough to get him interested in any kind of sex, yet alone explore particular kinks.   

Desiree praised David for his thorough circumcision, and commented that she much preferred a man that was cleanly circumcised without viruses, bacteria, urine, semen and smegma trapped underneath a filthy foreskin. Besides having no odor or taste, the cleanly cut cock was a thousand times more sexy and prettier to look at than the uncut version covered in dirty folds of skin hanging down the front.

She traced the dark circumcision scar that ran in a ring around the proud cock, and was amazed at how huge and prominent the cock’s ridge became during the many years after his circumcision. Without a foreskin to confine the head it simply kept on mushrooming larger and larger until it finally looked ready to burst with size.

Desiree struggled to take the huge head into her mouth because of its sheer size, but when she managed the swollen head filled her entire mouth. She flicked her tongue between the ridges underneath the head where his male g-spot used to be, but she could only feel the tiniest bump with her tongue, and within seconds she was rewarded with several large rivers of clear pre-cum that oozed out of the eye, and she greedily swallowed the slightly salty liquid.

Not used to such enormous dimensions of a cock head inside her mouth, she pulled the penis free from her mouth and admired its size once more.

She found her hand was too small to cup both the swollen eggs in their soft bag, and she ended up cupping a ball in each palm, trapping the folds of the large scrotum between her fingers. Desiree curiously allowed her hands to explore the buttocks that would soon drive the huge cleanly circumcised cock in and out of her, and once again she could not believe her senses.

The two buttocks were very shapely and smooth, cool to the touch, and as hard as granite.

Desiree wanted to explore even more of David’s body, but he was eager for her sex, and lifted himself on top of the bed over her naked body. Never before seeing a man as perfect as David, Desiree’s breast were swollen, and she could feel her love juices flowing from her eager cunt. She shuddered as David guided the huge bulbous head of his rock hard cock to the entrance of her pussy, his wet leaking naked head slowly entering her. His cock was huge, and Desiree could feel her vagina being stretched by the welcome intruder. David filled Desiree’s cunt to the brim, and she felt her throbbing clit being massaged and rubbed by the hard shaft. Desiree took his rock hard buttocks in her hands, and pulled him towards her with each thrust he gave. The sensations of his cock’s large ridge behind the head scraping against the inside of her cunt with each pull, almost drove her mad with pleasure, and soon she felt a warm feeling rising up from her swollen clitoris. She felt her clitoris explode with sheer pleasure unlike anything she felt before, with the waves of ecstasy rippling through her body. Within a short time, Desiree felt the second of her multiple orgasm shooting through her body, causing her muscles to contract, and a small scream escaping her lips.

Although the sex was the most pleasurable that Desiree ever experienced in her life, she was disappointed to feel huge, thick spurts of hot cum shooting off inside her after she only managed two orgasms. David’s cock kept spurting jet after jet of semen off into her love tunnel, and Desiree could feel herself being filled by the streams of cum. So much cum was released inside her, that the semen started to leak from her vagina immediately after David withdrew his cock, running down her labia and anus. Desiree finally found a man that could provide her with pleasure like no other, and their sexual relationship continued over the weeks to come. They tried different things and different positions. Once David wanted to try anal sex, but Desiree quickly stopped him when she felt his huge manhood tearing and hurting her anus. Being way to large for her to accommodate him in her ass, David had to be satisfied with licking and inserting his tongue and the occasional lubricated finger up her anus.

Although Desiree found the sex to be earth shattering, she still wanted more and grew impatient with David each time cumming before she had all eight her multiple orgasms she knew she was capable of. She also disliked the immense amounts of cum deposited inside her by David.

The copious amount of sperm and fluids leaked into her clothes and stained the sheets and carpets.

To make things worse, she found herself unable to swallow David’s ejaculate quickly enough during oral sex, with the result that she gagged badly once or twice when she was caught off guard by his orgasms. Despite these two issues, she savored every moment of her free time with David when Michael was away on business.


It was late one night while laying next to Michael when she got the shock of her life. “I know you’ve been sleeping with David”, Michael told her. He told her that he returned home one day early the previous day, and observed her sexual encounter with David through a window.

Michael gave her a choice. Either put Ketamine (also known as a date rape drug) in his drink the following night, while Michael will pretend to be away on business, or lose Michael as her husband. Not only would Desiree lose everything when divorcing Michael like home, money, and security but in such a conservative community she would be unable to find employment or customers as a vet.

Desiree knew that she had ample Ketamine in stock, as she used it as anesthetic in her veterinary profession, but was very curious regarding Michael’s plan.

Desiree finally agreed to do it, but when she asked Michael what he intended doing to David, he only smiled and answered her “wait and see”.

Early the next morning Michael left the farm, leaving Desiree in charge. By two in the afternoon Desiree and David had their first sex for the day. Desiree thought about warning David, but shrugged off the idea; since she was sure Michael would only scare her lover and then fire him from his job on the farm. When eight ’o clock finally arrived, Desiree slipped some Ketalar into David’s coffee. David sat on his bed quickly downing the coffee in order to have some more sex with Desiree, but he found himself unable to keep his eyes open. Within five minutes he was out as a light. Desiree heard Michael’s car drive up and park, and he soon came walking through the door.

Michael instructed Desiree to help him take all David’s clothes off, and the two quickly stripped him butt naked on his bed. Next Michael pulled David towards the end of the bed until his legs dangled to the ground, and then spread his legs as wide as possible. Michael stopped for a moment to pay greater attention to David’s genitals.

“I can see why you were fucking him,” Michael said while staring at his huge cock and enormous sack with balls.

“I’ve seen stallions with smaller dicks than this guy.”

Although Michael never touched another man’s genitals before, he was so in awe of the huge balls he took them in his hand. On the one hand, Michael was jealous of their enormous size, swollen with their millions of sperm, making him feel inadequate as a man, but on the other he was furious at the thought that their filthy seed was released inside his wife. One thing Michael was very grateful for was that his wife was on the pill and that he managed to escape the insult of raising another man’s children.

“I want you to castrate him”, Michael said matter of factly while looking Desiree in the eye.

Desiree was stunned. She always found it sexually exciting to perform castrations on animals, and the sexual fantasy of castrating a man always made her cum in minutes, but the thought of gelding such a perfect man as David and him becoming impotent afterwards displeased her. When she refused to emasculate David, Michael gave her another choice. Either Desiree with her medical knowledge and the practical experience of hundreds of animal castrations perform David’s gelding, or Michael will do it without any knowledge or experience.

“You decide,” Michael told her and added that both ways David would be castrated that night.

Desiree was cornered. To allow Michael to perform the castration would mean more pain, bleeding and other complications for her lover. Added to that was the fact that she could already feel her soaking wet pussy leaking it’s love juices into her undies and a dull throbbing pulsating emanating from her swollen clit.

“I’ll do it,” she replied, and was surprised when Michael reached in underneath David’s bed and pulled out her medical bag with surgical instruments.

If only poor David knew that the whole day while he was fucking Desiree, all the instruments needed for his impending castration was laying in wait underneath his bed …

Before she began, Michael asked her to remove all her clothes and perform the nutting in the nude. Desiree began by washing the huge flaccid cock and hairless scrotum with warm soap and water. She carefully washed behind the large ridge of the circumcised cock, and then manipulated the huge balls in their protective bag to clean all the folds of skin. She then applied an antiseptic solution to the defenseless sack and took her scalpel from the medical bag. Desiree was seated on a small chair that Michael placed in front of the bed’s end with her legs spread wide. Michael was kneeling next to her, fondling her swollen breasts and teasing her wet cleft with his fingers while looking over her shoulder with great interest as she started castrating David. Although David was fully unconscious, Desiree knew from her gelding experience with horses that most males get erections while being castrated, and in his case it was no exception. Almost as if the huge penis knew it was about to lose it most prized neighbors, it stood at full attention. The night was warm, with the result that the doomed testicles rested low in their relaxed sack. Even before starting the incision over the first testicle, Desiree could feel her first orgasm shoot through her as Michael’s fingers skillfully massaged her swollen clit and labia. She grasped the left egg through the soft scrotum and placed the tip of the scalpel against the skin stretched over it.

Although Desiree’s sexual excitement was immense she managed to focus on the task at hand. She slowly started to incise the scrotum from the top of the left ball, and carefully drew her blade down the nut’s full length. To ensure proper drainage, she continued cutting the scrotum until the blade came to a stop just before the brown anus. Once she opened the ball bag over the left nut, she could see the thin milky white membrane that stood between the egg and the outside world. Once again she placed the cutting edge of her blade at the top of her incision, and slowly drew the scalpel down. Between Michael increased his rubbing motions on her swollen bud and the excitement of emasculating her lover, Desiree shuddered as another orgasm shot through her.

She gently squeezed the scrotum behind the testicle, and the magnificent white orb popped free from it’s bag. The cords attaching the ball to David was quite long, and after pulling the ripe pear out from it’s hiding place, Desiree placed the naked pear between David’s spread legs.

Desiree felt her heart racing with excitement as she turned her attention to the last remaining testicle in David’s scrotum. She once again grasped scrotum behind the ball, and stretched the soft skin tight over the testicle trapped in her hand. She drew her blade down the skin hiding the right testicle, but was so distracted by Michael’s fingers moving in and out of her pussy that she accidentally cut the testicle. Desiree knew that this meant no harm, since the damaged ball will soon be removed permanently anyway. She focused her attention, and completed the incision all the way down the right ball, and spreads the cut scrotum open to reveal the membrane, already cut where her attention was distracted.

After several nicks and caresses with her cold blade, the last nut was ready to be pushed out.

She tightened her grip and popped the large orb free from it’s scrotum.

Michael was pleased with her work and encouraged her to continue the de-balling of her lover.

Desiree took the left nut in her palm, and pulled it as far away from David’s scrotum as possible before instructing Michael to hold the offending organ for her. With the cords attaching the testicle stretched to full capacity, she tied a strong surgical thread around the cords as close to David’s body as possible. She then released the naked egg and repeated the procedure on the right testicle.

While waiting for the blood supply to the tied-off cords to clot at the knots, Desiree marveled at the sight before her. The huge cock that provided her with so many months of pleasure stood fully erect. The cleanly circumcised prick towered above it’s now empty bag that laid wrinkled and pathetic at it’s base. Flowing from the empty scrotum were the cords and their balls. Desiree knew that although the huge eggs were still attached to their cords, they had both already started to die as a result of their oxygen supply being cut off.

After a few minutes, Desiree took her emasculator from her bag, and positioned the jaw of the device around the left cord. Michael sharing Desiree’s sexual excitement of castration, worked his fingers over her erect clitoris, and Desiree screamed with pleasure as another orgasm ripped through her. She closed the handles of her emasculator as she came, and the blades cut through the cord just beneath the knot she made, and the doomed ball with its length of cord came free in her hand. Next she took the last nut in her palm, pulled it away as far as possible, and closed the cruel jaws of her instrument on the defenseless cord. Desiree yelped as another orgasm shot through her, and she looked at the castrated testicle and cord in her palm. Never before in her life did Desiree experience such intense orgasms, and when she felt how weak her legs were she wondered if she could still muster the strength to bandage the remains of David’s ruined manhood.

As if the cut cock above the empty scrotum knew it’s fate, it started to shudder, and huge jets of cum spurted from it’s swollen head. While Desiree applied bandages to David’s empty scrotum, Michael collected the castrated testicles and dropped them into a large glass jar with preservation liquid. Michael wanted the balls to be displayed as a trophy, and told Desiree where on their wall unit he wanted to display them.

When she finally managed to finish, Michael asked her to go back to their house while he patiently waited for David to wake from his drugged state.

When David finally woke up he was still blissfully unaware that he had been neatly castrated.

He was till groggy from the anesthetic, and could not understand why he felt such severe pain in his groin. David, being a football player at school received many accidental kicks in the nuts, but this felt much worse.

With a smile Michael told David that he found about his sexual adventures with his wife.

He went on to tell David that both his balls had been removed as punishment and remedy for his raging hormones, and that he would live the remainder of his life as a eunuch.

David listened with shock and horror as Michael told him that he would keep working on the ranch, and that if he should report his forcible gelding to the police, Desiree would accuse him of rape.

When Desiree came by and changed David’s bandages the next day, David’s first reaction when seeing his scrotum was relief. Although he was shocked by the vicious cuts that ran down both sides of his scrotum, it still looked as if his balls made their usual bulge in their bag, but David started to cry when Desiree assured him that he was indeed properly castrated, and that it was just the swelling of his raped and empty scrotum that gave the illusion that he was still a man.

David was devastated, but Desiree had a plan.

Michael was right about castration, but he severely underestimated his wife. Desiree was determined to keep using David for sex, and with her extensive knowledge she already knew how to save the situation. She told David that she knew a way that would enable them to keep making love as often as they want. She taught David about hormone supplements, and how she could save his penis from becoming impotent and shrinking away.

She took a syringe and small bottle from her bag, and drew testosterone into the syringe.

Desiree then injected David’s left buttock with 200 mg testosterone enanthate, smiling with enjoyment at seeing him flinch from the painful injection.

That was the day that Desiree became David’s owner, and she reveled in the knowledge that his manhood was entirely dependent on her for its continuing existence. Every three weeks Desiree would give David another injection to maintain his lost “manhood”.

Desiree had David by his castrated balls, so to speak. Whenever he was disrespectful to her or rude, she would withhold his injection, until David would become so desperate that he would go down on his knees in front of her and beg for it.

Desiree on the other hand was in sexual paradise with her eunuch. Being as smart as she was, she kept his dosage as low as possible. Just enough to provide him with his nightly erections during sleep, but never so much as to cause aggression. David’s sexual attention started moving away from his own gratification and focused more on Desiree’s pleasure.

Desiree was more than delighted to discover that without his balls, David could maintain an erection for hours. A new world of sexuality opened for Desiree, as she could now experience as many multiple orgasms with him as she wanted. The hair on David’s face became more feminine and soft, which delighted her when she touched his skin. Gone were her worries about birth control, pregnancy and abortion. Best of all however was the fact that he lost his ability to ejaculate. Where in the past his thick cum stained all her clothes, and gagged her during oral sex, only a tiny little drop would now form at the eye of his cut cock.

David was now her sexual toy to enjoy as she pleased. She was his mistress, and he her slave.

During their sexual encounters Desiree would delight in touching and caressing his smooth and hairless skin. Her biggest thrill was having his huge swollen cock thrusting in and out of her slippery wet cunt while she fondled and pulled at the soft folds of his empty scrotum. Desiree could feel the intensity of her orgasms reach previously impossible heights as she traced the two castration scars with her fingers, trembling with delight as she remembered drawing her blade over the soft vulnerable sack and permanently depriving it from it’s once proud contents.

As part of their sex play, Desiree would often stretch herself out over David beneath her, and while he licked her anus and darted his tongue in and out of her tight little hole, she would re-enact his castration, giving him a detailed description of how she castrated him and how much she enjoyed the procedure. Desiree could never get enough of the feeling of David’s tongue slipping in and out of her ass, and it became an integral part of their sex. What amazed Desiree most was the fact that although castrated, she could clearly see the unmistakable excitement of David’s cock as the huge organ would swell even larger and throb with anticipation as she started describing how she severed his balls making him her eunuch. Utterly helpless, David was always unable to resist becoming sexually excited at the thought of his mistress emasculating him. In addition, Desiree teased and humiliated him by making comments about his feminine state.

Before giving David a blow job, she would comment on how pleased she was that his cock was cleanly circumcised, and how she would never take an uncircumcised cock in her mouth. Desiree loved telling him that without his precious skin, Michael’s cum deposited inside her vagina the previous nights won’t get trapped beneath any folds of foreskin while he fucked her.

“Not that it matters a lot when my husband's semen ends up on your cock,” Desiree liked to tease him.

She teased him by describing in great detail how he was circumcised of his filthy foreskin, and how much cleaner he was since he was now unable to orgasm his sperm inside her after castration. She also enjoyed telling him that most of his sexual feeling and pleasure was removed when he was circumcised, and that his loss of sexual pleasure added immensely to hers. She went on to explain how she experienced far greater sensation from the sliding motion of his tight shaft against her labia and clitoris, together with a pleasurable internal sensation as a result of the naked corona moving inside her wet vagina.

It never ceased to amaze Desiree to see the stupid cock swell even larger inside her hands as she teased him about the fact that because his sexual pleasure was trimmed from his penis, it increased her excitement and feeling of him inside her.

After castration, giving him blowjobs became a pleasure. Forever gone were the days where Desiree had to taste the disgusting cum pumping from his cock.

As a treat she would every now and again use a strap-on dildo to fuck David up the ass.

After lubricating her toy with Vaseline, she would use the fake phallus to massage David’s prostate, and after extended periods of taking it up the ass David would yell with pleasure as a tiny little drop of clear ejaculate would slowly form in the eye of his cock.

In the meantime Michael became more and more puzzled over the next two years while having sex with his wife. In the past his cock which was also cleanly circumcised fitted snugly in Desiree’s vagina. Although most of his sexual pleasure was lost with his circumcision as a baby, he could still enjoy the little feeling he had left rubbing his head against the walls of her vagina and especially inside her ass. While anal sex still felt the same, he could not understand why his wife’s vagina was so stretched and loose around his cock when he was inside her.

He was severely frustrated at the total absence of friction and feeling that his wife’s tight little pussy used to provide. He knew full well that David stretched her love tunnel severely, but surely by now her vagina should have shrank back to normal? Michael learned a lot about castration from his wife during their sex play, and he knew that by now her eunuch lover would be completely impotent and incapable of even the slightest erection. Add to that the fact that the offending penis would have atrophied to the size of a women’s pinky and his prostate gland would have shrank to about the size of a pea.

Michael was baffled.

Desiree and David’s sexual adventures would have continued for the rest of their lives, but that was not to be. Two years later, Michael could stand it no longer. He could remember a time when his wife was extremely satisfied with his sexual performance, but after David’s gelding, she always seemed bored during sex. Michael started to suspect that maybe his wife is cheating on him with another farm worker, but which one? After a week of spying on his wife, Michael was puzzled to see his wife entering David’s cottage, only to come out hours later. Michael had to find out what the two were doing, so during the next day, he planted a tiny video camera with a perfect view to David’s bed inside his cottage. Michael watched the video image with total astonishment. His wife having sex with a eunuch that was cut a full two years ago!

The following week, Desiree got a fright when Michael wanted to show her something at David’s cottage. The two walked over to the cottage and found David totally naked and fast asleep on his bed. Desiree was suspicious of what her husband wanted to show her at first, but when she saw David fast asleep, she fought to suppress her panic. Seeing him naked and asleep reminded her of the day she castrated her first man.

Michael calmly explained to her that he found out about their continued sexual relationship, and that he drugged David himself to put a permanent stop to it this time.

“How is it possible that the eunuch didn’t become impotent?” Michael wanted to know, and Desiree told him everything while he listened in wonder. She explained how testosterone injections directly into a man’s muscle tissue would counteract the effects of castration, and added that even without his balls, David is twice the lover Michael would ever be.

Michael was red with anger, but told Desiree that he was not mad at her, but at David, since he was the cause of all their problems.

Desiree was taken by surprise when Michael told her that he has been reading up the last week, and that he even took a small training course from a nurse that showed him a thing or two.

Calmly Michael pulled Desiree’s spare medical bag out from underneath David’s bed, and took out a plastic bag. Michael carefully put on sterile gloves, and then slowly rubbed betadine over David’s flaccid cock, taking great care in disinfecting the urethral opening. Next Michael took out a bag with a tube in it. He tore open the bag, and took out a thick catheter, which he then proceeded to lubricate with Vaseline. Desiree watched with fascination and panic as Michael took David’s penis behind the head’s rim, and stretched the cock away from the body.

While keeping the penis stretched, Michael gently started to insert and advance the thick tube, impaling the sleeping cock in his left hand. Once the tube was penetrating the cock and body deep enough, Michael nodded his satisfaction.

To finish installing the catheter, Michael inflated its balloon, thereby locking it into position inside the bladder.

"I’m sure you won’t mind that I borrowed your Band Castrator for a while,” Michael said with smile.

Michael was no stranger to the castration tool, since Desiree often applied a castrator band around his scrotum, using him before a pretended “last” orgasm and castration, and then quickly cutting the rubber band before it can do any permanent damage to the trapped balls during their lovemaking.

Michael enjoyed his wife’s dilemma of being sexually excited on the one hand, and not wanting to lose the massive penis that provided her with so many years of pleasure on the other.

While Desiree stared in disbelief, he quickly loaded a rubber castration ring on the bander tool and positioned it with the catheter inside the stretched ring. He then positioned the castration tool’s open ring around the skewered cock. After stretching the dick as far away from the body as possible, Michael closed the nasty jaws of the device, releasing the rubber band close to David’s body, and watched with fascination as the huge cock ballooned to an impossible size.

While waiting for the green rubber band to cause blood to clot at the sealed point, Michael pulled down Desiree’s panties, and started flicking his tongue over her swollen clit.

He expertly worked his tongue around the swollen bud while rubbing two fingers over the wet g-spot inside her pussy. By the time he was done, Desiree was panting with exhaustion after experiencing several powerful orgasms. Michael nodded his satisfaction when he saw that David’s trapped cock changed color, and was fast starting to turn black.

Desiree stared wide eyed as Michael took her scalpel from the bag, and slowly started to cut around the trapped cock. By cutting as close to the band as possible, Michael used several strokes to cut all the way through the flesh of the doomed penis until the blade touched the catheter in the middle. Michael continued working his blade around the cock, manipulating the trapped cock upwards to sever its underside, then to the left to cut through its side, and then finishing the deed by finally completely severing the offending organ at the top. The whole penis severed, Michael slowly started sliding the huge prick towards the end off the catheter. In order to remove the amputated penis from the plastic tube, Michael removed the urine bag at the end, and slid the amputated cock free from the catheter.

“You take care of his wound,” instructed Michael and quickly left to bottle the severed cock with its former balls.

Over the next month Desiree took good care of David, Cleaning his penectomy wound every day and keeping him on a stiff regiment of antibiotics to prevent infection.

When Michael inspected David’s castrated and penectomized crotch three month’s later, only the tiniest stump remained where his huge penis once protruded. Since David was now a “shaved” eunuch, there was no reason for Desiree to keep him on testosterone replacement, and without it his empty scrotum quickly shrank away together with his prostate.

David was totally smooth between his legs, with only a tiny flap remaining of what used to be a huge scrotum. Without his cock and balls or benefit from Desiree’s testosterone injections David soon lost all his former sexual urges and fantasies. No longer distracted by his sexual desires, David soon became the hardest worker on the farm, even earning Michael’s respect in the process. David’s greatest agony was in remembering the pleasure he once had from sex, and his helpless frustration at the knowledge that he would never experience it again.

He knew that he would never be a man again.

After their castration and penectomy adventures, Desiree and Michael lived happily ever after with only one minor exception.

Whenever Desiree thought about the most pleasurable sex she ever experienced in her life, her thoughts would turn to a large jar standing on her wall unit’s left shelf, and she would fantasize about her lost adventures with David.