Original version credited to Kylereese


My name is Justin. I am a tall handsome male with dark black hair, a flawless complexion and a six-pack of muscles on my stomach. In my life I had several painful experiences, but none left such a lasting impression as the following true story of what once happened to me.

 In the year 2030 women were finally fully appointed to lead and govern our country, and we had our first elected female president winning on a ticket about reversing the damage done by so many years of patriarchal bullshit. Not all, but a lot of empowered women voted and perhaps surprisingly, a lot of men desperate for change post-#metoo.

A few years later a new law came into effect that required all young men and women to attend a two year training course. During this time the men were taught how to respect and behave towards women. The young women were taught how to handle the men, discipline them and keep them in their place as the, now, weaker sex.

This two year course was named “life discipline”, and was compulsory for all men over the age of 18. Both the male and female students had to remain on the life discipline campus and sleep in the dormitories on the grounds.

It was at one of these institutions named Silver Waters where I first came to fear and respect the head-mistress. She was a stunningly beautiful women in her early thirties with gorgeous hair and a well sculpted body. She had the most desirable breasts I have ever seen on a women, and her buttocks were simply to die for. Her name was Ashleigh, and although all the young men feared and respected her, all of us had crushes on her.

Being extremely conscious of young men’s hygiene, the first thing she ordered all the men to do, was to remove all their body hair from the neck down. A special liquid spray was provided to each man with strict orders to use it on a regular basis. We would all spray the funny liquid over our bodies, and then simply wipe the loose hair away with paper towels. No man was allowed to have any hair in his groin area, and the scrotum had to be smooth at all times to reduce sweat and odour issues.

Mistress Ashleigh, being so strict on hygiene also introduced the “three strikes and you are circumcised” rule for any male caught masturbating. The first two times a man was caught playing with himself he was severely beaten by one of the mistresses in front of the young ladies attending the course, but if he was unlucky enough to be caught a third time, he was immediately circumcised as punishment. These circumcisions were always performed by Mistress Ashleigh herself, who refused to use any anaesthetic to dull the pain.  Having an extreme sexual appetite myself, I had already been caught masturbating twice by some of the girls in my class, and received severe whippings for both my transgressions. One Wednesday evening after class I was so horny I simply could not contain my sexual urges any longer, and snuck into the men’s toilets to have a quick jerk-off session.  I took my 13 centimetre uncut cock in my hand and slowly started moving my thick foreskin back and forth over my swollen head that was already soaking wet with precum. In my left hand I held a large chunk of tissue paper, ready to aim my dick at it and drown it with cum. After a minute or two, I started ejaculating on the roll of paper. Halfway through my orgasm, the door suddenly flew open, and mistress Ashleigh was looking down at the last few squirts of my orgasm onto the paper. With an amused look and a hint of a smile on her face, she ordered me to clean myself up and follow her.


I was terrified, but had no choice but to obey her command, even though I knew very well what she had in store for me. She grabbed me by the arm and lead me to the medical department where the young women were taught all about the male sexual function, and men were subjected to the final punishment in the “three strikes and you are circumcised” masturbation rule.


When we arrived she ordered me to remove all my clothes and lay down on a type of gynaecologist table that was made specially modified for male bodies. I was so scared my heart raced, and my palms felt sweaty, but my disciple was already ingrained in me, and I obeyed her. I removed my shirt, and pulled it over my head, brushing my black hair back out of place. I then removed my trousers and jockey briefs, leaving me naked in front of Mistress Ashleigh. She ordered me to lie down on the table and place my feet in the stirrups, leaving my cock and large, hairless balls totally naked and exposed to her expert manipulations. Once she locked both my feet into position, she turned around and left the room. What felt like an eternity later, she returned with all the girls from my class. She raised the table’s top part, so my position changed into an upright one, and I could clearly see my genitals hanging in front of my crotch. I was very scared, and both my balls were pulled up as far as possible with my scrotum snugly hugging them in a vain effort to protect them from danger. Due to fear, my foreskin’s little sphincter muscle was also tightly constricted,  forming a tight little bud in front of my terrified dick.  “Girls, I brought you here today to learn the best punishment for a man that is constantly playing with himself”, she said, and all the girls started giggling and laughing simultaneously. Many of them saw previous circumcisions being performed by Mistress Ashleigh, but none of them would ever possess her skill in performing the operation. She explained that she first needed to clean my penis and balls for the circumcision, and started to wash my dick with a washcloth and soap, every now and then rinsing the cloth in a bowl filled with soapy water and disinfectant. I jumped as she expertly took my long foreskin between her fingers and rolled it off my cock’s head. She held the skin as far back as she could and proceeded to thoroughly rub the inner foreskin held tight along my shaft with her small fingers, and then  aggressively scrubbed my poor dick’s head until it was red, before rolling my precious, sensuous, protective foreskin back over the head of my penis.

She took a small plastic bag from one of the young ladies standing around us, and tore it open. Inside was a plastic stencil with different sized holes in it. She once again rolled my delicate foreskin off the head, and started fitting my cock head through the holes. When it was clear that the smaller holes were too small for my size, she fitted my cock head through the largest hole, and nodded her approval with a smile on her lips.


She explained to the ladies that she had to coax my dick’s head from its protective foreskin for the next step, since an erect penis made it easier to judge exactly where to cut and the exact optimal amount of foreskin to be removed. Terrified but fascinated I watched as her beautiful small fingers expertly manipulated my foreskin and scrotum until my monster cock stood at full attention in front of her. Despite my fear and shame my cock was leaking pre-cum and nodding up and down with each of my heartbeats.

The sight of such a beautiful women playing with my silky smooth cock and balls, and the touch of her small fingers filled with so much skill and power made me hard despite my fear, and before I could stop myself I started cumming again, this time in her hands. Even for a second go, there were plenty of thick squirts of white cum shot from my pulsating dick into my Mistress’ palm.


I was so ashamed I blushed a dark red, and the ladies roared with laughter around us. Mistress Ashleigh wiped my mess from her pretty hands and looked at me with an angry stare. More than just scared, I started to plead with her not to circumcise my most sensitive foreskin that provided me with so many years of intense pleasure and orgasms.

To my total surprise, she started smiling lovingly at me, and gently took my one hand in hers. She calmed me and reassured me with a soft and caring voice that this was for the best. She explained that the foreskin can be a very filthy, smelly, disgusting thing with bacteria and germs underneath it if not properly kept clean, and that by removing the dirty piece of skin, I would be much cleaner and healthier male “down there”. She told me of the benefits of having a circumcised penis, like a 70% reduction in chance to become infected with HIV. Since I was not the type that fucked around, I knew I would never benefit from that 70% reduction. I also wanted to ask her that if amputation provided such good prevention of diseases, why the breasts of all young ladies are not amputated when they turn 18 in order to prevent the 211,300 cases of breast cancer and resulting 39,800 deaths in the United States each year, but thought it better to keep my mouth shut and not argue with her.


It might be dangerous to argue with a lady soon about to start working between my legs with a blade in her hand.  


Mistress Ashleigh explained to the girls that my ejaculation was a very normal thing for a young man about to be circumcised, and that it was my fear, combined with my knowledge that I was about to lose the most pleasurable part of my penis that made me cum. While still holding my hand in hers she explained that it was due to all the pleasure I receive from my foreskin that I masturbate as much as 4 times a day, and that by removing the obscene piece of skin, my pleasure would be reduced by about 70%, thereby decreasing my sexual urges to masturbate as often. She told me that after I was fully healed, I might only feel the need to masturbate once every day or second day, since the intense pleasure from my foreskin would no longer be there to tempt me. She also mentioned that after I was properly circumcised, I would be able to last longer before cumming inside a women since my sensitivity would be forever gone from my dick. I would learn that the act of sex was more about pleasing my partner than being caught up in my own selfish sexual pleasure. It might seem cruel, but by physically limiting my pleasure by such a drastic degree it would make me a better lover and that would make me very appealing to women. With tender loving care that belied her status as head Mistress, she slowly cleaned me once more. Despite cumming I still had a semi hard-on that just wouldn’t quit. She took the tip of my delicate foreskin between her silky soft and beautiful small fingers, and after pulling it as far away from my body as possible she took a black marker and made a black line in the middle of the skin covering the shaft of my penis.

With all the young ladies staring wide eyed and with open mouths, she rolled my prized foreskin back from my swollen head for the last time, and spread a layer of Vaseline around my swollen cock head with her finger. She then took a small tube of plastic, and forced my swollen head inside it’s chamber, until my entire cock head disappeared into it. She ensured my pee-hole was smack in the middle of the tube, and rolled my foreskin over the tube’s outside, finally pulling the skin all the way up until the bottom end of the tube made a visible budge on the black line she made with her black marker. Next she slid the plastic locking mechanism of the clamp over the outside, finally turning the plastic arms and mechanism to position it on the tube. She asked one of the ladies to grab the top end of the foreskin, and pull it up as high as possible over the tube. “That’s good, but can you get a bit more?” she asked at one point. When she was satisfied of the amount of foreskin trapped in the clamp, she pushed down on the two arms of the locking mechanism, clamping the small device in place, and trapping the folds of my foreskin between the tube and the outside ring. I heard a hard “click” sound coming from the clamp, and immediately felt a dull pain running around the foreskin where it was trapped by Mistress Ashleigh’s clamp. She explained that she had to wait a couple of minutes until the clamp strangled my precious foreskin’s blood supply.

While she waited she taught the young ladies some more benefits of demanding a boyfriend or husband’s circumcision. She also explained that many ladies prefer the look of a neatly cut cock, and that some ladies had greater peace of mind seeing the naked glans and knowing no dirt like pee or cum was trapped under the filthy foreskin. She explained that the device she chose to use that day was a SmartClamp, and that she was rather impressed by the good quality circumcisions it produced in males. I listened with fear and fascination as she gave a short history lesson on male circumcision, also referring to the first pioneers in the USA that promoted the practice.

She smiled while she quoted the inventor of Corn Flakes breakfast cereal, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s exact words on the subject of curbing masturbation in boys:  “A remedy for masturbation which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision…The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering an anaesthetic, as the brief pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind.”        

One of the ladies then asked Mistress Ashleigh if it would not be easier to simply circumcise all baby boys as routine. My Mistress gave her a stern look and answered that it was both sick and barbaric to strap a helpless baby down and mutilate him while he screams with pain. On the topic of aneasthesia, she replied that general anaesthetic is not suitable for infants, and even local anaesthesia still causes immense physical pain…  And of course once the baby wakes up with the vicious, firey wound of amputation clamped around their cock slowly healing, what are you going to do?  Give them some calpol?


I was in total awe of Mistress Ashleigh’s knowledge on the subject. She was truly a master when it came to information and intellect. On the one hand her deep level of education and understanding on the subject of male circumcision eased my mind a little, since I figured she would be extremely skilful in removing my prepuce, but on the other I was terrified that the lady who was about to circumcise me knew so much.


After about 15 minutes she picked up a small scalpel, and guided my trapped semi-erect dick towards the cold blade in her left hand. She told me with a stern voice that since my circumcision was to be performed as punishment for my masturbation, she would not be using any anaesthetic do dull my pain. “Remember the pain you will experience here today the next time you are tempted to masturbate”, she said and returned her attention to my trapped foreskin. She started at the tip of my penis, making small nips and nicks with the blade’s sharp point in the soft and delicate foreskin, cutting her way slowly down the length of my dick towards my body and the strange ring that strangled my foreskin in a death grip against the surrounding tube.


The pain was intense, burning like fire where her blade had forever cut my once proud prepuce, that tears filled my eyes. I shut my eyes and tried to pretend I was somewhere else.  Mistress Ashleigh instructed, “Open your eyes.  Watch what I’m doing.”  And I was compelled to watch my circumcision being performed.

Once Mistress Ashleigh had reached the black line clamped next to the tube, she started making small nicks with the blade’s razor sharp tip around the circumference of my penis. She skilfully worked her way first down to the left, and then from the top half down the right to the bottom where the last bit of remaining foreskin was left trapped.

The tiny nicks she made with her scalpel felt like hot coals being pressed against my foreskin, and the pain was unbearable. Mistress Ashleigh deliberately made the tiny nicks as slowly as possible in order for my circumcision to serve as the harshest punishment for masturbating. The pain was exquisite. Each nick of her cold blade sending pain shooting through my body and finally down to my balls where they dangled helplessly in their sack before my Mistress. After what felt like an eternity for me, she finally severed my foreskin from my penis, leaving the large folds of loose skin around the tube. She picked up a pair of tweezers, deftly pinched the severed foreskin with it and slowly pulled my foreskin, sliding it off the tube. It was shocking exactly how much skin had been removed. At that moment I saw her magnificent body give a little shudder, and a satisfied expression enveloped her face. I looked at her pretty smile, and could almost have sworn she had an orgasm from the excitement of circumcising me. I am sure I must be mistaken regarding this, since I did not see her playing with herself. In my experience I know it is impossible for a lady to achieve orgasms without even touching herself, so I am certain I am mistaken regarding that. Mistress Ashleigh explained that my severed foreskin will be unfolded and dried, and that she would keep it together with all her other foreskin trophies in a special photo album as memento of my circumcision.

My Mistress released me from the table’s straps, and dismissed me for the next five days with strict orders that I should under no circumstances try and remove the clamp from my penis. The next five days was sheer torture, as frequent erections were trapped inside the small confines of the plastic tube around my skinless head, leaving me in pain and frustration from constant hornyness.


After the five days I reported back to the medical division, and again the room was filled with my female class Mistresses. I once again subjected myself to Mistress Ashleigh’s will by obeying her every command and lying down on the table where I was made less of a man five days earlier.


After securing me on the table, Mistress Ashleigh took a small pair of pliers, and cut away the locked arms of the clamp.


She removed the tube from my dick head, leaving my naked glans feeling cold and exposed. Ashamed of my cut cock I looked away, but again Mistress Ashleigh ordered me to observe what she was doing. She took tweezers, and carefully removed a black circle of dead foreskin that was slowly strangled to death by the clamp after the foreskin next to the ring was so skilfully removed by her. She nodded her approval while inspecting my penis, remarking on the neat job she did and the perfect circle running around the middle of my penis shaft. She disinfected my cut penis and while cupping my balls with her one hand, caressed my cock with her other hand, rubbing her palm against the liberated bulging head. In no time I was fully erect, but I was in for another shock.

Mistress Ashleigh explained to me that the most sensitive part of my foreskin was my frenulum, and that although most of it was cut away with my foreskin, the remaining bit also had to go. She made it very clear that no circumcision is fully complete until the entire frenulum was also removed. She told me that that little piece of skin would forever temp me to resume masturbation and distract me from my task of serving my future Mistress. She explained that full sensuous intact sex was for the enjoyment of females, and that men should not be allowed the same pleasure during sex. In an ideal world all men would get circumcised when they reach maturity, and it was a very real possibility that the government might introduce such a law. She asked one of the ladies standing next to the table to press my erection firmly against my body, providing her full access to the underside of my swollen cock’s throbbing head. Next she took a small pair of pliers, and grasped the tiny piece of skin underneath my dick head’s two halves. As she closed the pliers on my frenulum and started applying pressure, extreme pain shot through my penis making me feel weak, and causing sweat to break out on my forehead. She pulled the string of skin as far away from the underside of my penis as she could, picked up a small pair of surgical scissors, and slowly snipped the remaining frenulum away from my dick’s head, ensuring the cut is made as close to my cock’s underside as possible. At the very first cut I yelled out in pain, and my erection withered away in mere seconds.


The underside of my cock felt as if it was on fire. Once severed she dropped the tiny piece of pleasure heaven, and all the ladies surrounding us started applauding and cheering. Mistress Ashleigh completed the procedure by inserting three stitches into the underside of my cock between the two halves of the head where my most erogenous frenulum used to be.


After releasing me, Mistress Ashleigh gave me a hug, and congratulated me for being so brave during my circumcision punishment. She also congratulated me on my clean and neatly circumcised cock, with the remaining skin stretched as tight as a drum over the shaft.

My circumcision was so expertly done that no trace of skin remained on my dick for me to play with. Even my bag with balls were pulled all the way up to my denuded glans. Of my male G-spot, my frenulum, only a tiny little bump of scar tissue remained in the skin between the two halves of my cock’s underside. The most sensitive part of my penis had been totally excavated, leaving a deep valley between the two halves.


After my mutilation I enjoyed playing with myself on a regular basis, it took a long time to cum, pounding away at my forever numb cock  when remembering what such a beautiful Mistress did to my once magnificent cock.

I found that because Mistress Ashleigh circumcised my cock so tautly, it was impossible for me to masturbate without some lubricant. Since lube and moisturiser was a forbidden substance for men, I had to use spit to lube my naked cock, thereby enabling me to masturbate.

Because I was so extremely tightly circumcised, erections were extremely painful, and this pain continued for about six months until the remaining skin on my shaft stretched enough to allow me painless erections. Over the first few months I was in constant discomfort as my tender, newly exposed cock head rubbed against my briefs. At first it was downright painful feeling my denuded glans touching against my underwear, but later the painful sensation disappeared, and was replaced with a mild discomfort as each step and movement rubbed  my once protected glans against the material. Soon even that discomfort totally disappeared, but my initial relief soon turned to horror when I discovered what was happening.

To my shock and horror I discovered that my naked dick head had developed a tough callous-like exterior from the constant rubbing against my clothes and masturbation. My bulbous cock head that used to be so silky smooth with its thin and extremely sensitive pleasurable lining had disappeared forever. After trying in vain I found that the intense pleasure I used to get from masturbation had disappeared. Even the orgasms that eventually came felt weak and incomplete. Instead of gushing and squirting sperm, all my circumcised cock could now achieve was an occasional hard squirt or two and a weak dribble. I can compare the loss of foreskin with the following:


Sex and masturbation with a foreskin is like watching a DVD movie on a wide screen colour TV with surround digital sound.


Being circumcised, that richness in sexual experience is reduced to the equivalent of watching a VHS movie on a black and white 54 cm television with only two small speakers in the televisions’ front. The picture and sound is still there to be enjoyed, but the quality, richness and detail is missing.



Contrary to what Mistress Ashleigh told me about women being universally in favour of circumcision, a few ladies refused to go out with me and called my penis a washed out dildo since the moving parts were missing. Others wanted the diversity of sexual experience and enjoyment only a foreskin can provide.


Many years later I found a mistress that enjoyed my company and services, and she agreed to marry me. She insisted on a cleanly circumcised man with no mobility left in his foreskin, and she was delighted with the result Mistress Ashleigh had obtained for me. I on the other hand was devastated to learn that my once sensitive cock could no longer fully feel the moist inside of my new Mistress’ vagina. The exquisite sensations and pleasure I used to receive from my foreskin and frenulum were no longer there. Each time we made love she moaned and yelled with pleasure while I hardly felt anything with my dry naked prick. Fortunately for me,  my Mistress allows me to have anal sex with her once a week. At least inside her anus I can feel the tight walls pressing against my naked cock, robbed of his extreme former pleasure. Since I had nothing left of my foreskin to play with, I always have to masturbate with some sort of lubricant, mostly Vaseline hand cream. My Mistress, being a kind and generous person allows me to keep some next to the bed, and also uses it if she wants to give me a hand-job.



The above is a true account of my circumcision. While immensely regretting the loss of my most pleasurable foreskin, I still count myself fortunate. I was circumcised in two steps. Rumour has it that a couple of months later a young man made the foolish mistake of breaking into Mistress Ashleigh’s room and masturbating against a pair of her panties. She caught him too, but she circumcised him more than ten times as punishment, each time by only cutting away a small strip of his foreskin, allowing him to heal fully and then repeating the process. Mistress Ashleigh took three months before she finally cut the last piece of foreskin away from his penis.



A year or so later a new young man raped one of the ladies, and his punishment makes mine look like a walk in the park. But that story is fortunately not mine to tell.