The Queen was lying on her bed when the man was pushed into the room by the four female guards. He was chained, gagged, his wrists tightly tied behind his back, and naked. His whole body has been shaved, oiled and perfumed.

The young woman servicing the Queen stood up while the man was dragged close to the bed in front of the Queen. She was eighteen, still a virgin, but already very experienced about how to treat men.

The Queen started to examine the man's genitals in great detail. She loved taking her time over this going into every detail, pushing, pulling, squeezing.

She pulled the long foreskin back exposing the glans and stimulated the peehole with her nail. Then she rolled the foreskin again on the glans and repeated the sequence slowly several times. The man erected immediately, though not fully hard as he was aware of the Queen's reputation of cruelty. She cupped his testicles in her hand and weighted the balls, slowly and carefully.

Her eyes became a bit darker. All the females in the room felt hot and their pussies were dripping wet.

The Queen asked her young servant to prepare the man for fucking, "I want him to please my ass, now!"

As she said this, she kneeled on her bed presenting her secret hole to the man. Her young assistant started to massage the penis of the man with her right hand and, at the same time, masturbated his anus with her left forefinger. When the man became very hard, she greased the head of his penis, placed it on the impatient orifice and continued to hold the shaft to guide it into the royal anus. The man complied to the Queen's desire and helped her to reach a couple of orgasms by going deep into her. His good job was mainly the result of the work the young girl did on him, continuously keeping his motivation high by attentive stimulation of his balls and by actively shoving her finger in and out his arse.

When the Queen was finally satisfied, she terminated abruptly the intercourse.

"Finish him !" commanded the Queen while sitting in front of the standing man, her face close to his still erected penis. The young girl started to finger and masturbate the man who quickly came. His long blast of thick and juicy semen covered the Queen's face who spread it with her hands all over her body. She got the final drops from the peehole with her tongue.

"Now", said the Queen with a ravenous smile, "Cut off his balls!"

The man protested and tried to escape but was firmly held by the guards.

He was forced to his knees, his head on the floor, legs widely opened.

One of the guards knelt down and strapped his knees to a spreader bar.

"Show me his crack before you proceed." asked the Queen.

The man's ass cheeks were spread wide by the guards to allow the Queen to probe the hole and gently push her finger inside. The man reacted but the guard pressed her foot harder on his neck.

"Well." commented the Queen, "Let's do it."

Her young, beautiful servant took a thin leather tape and sat in front of the man's exposed manhood. Then, she carefully and skillfully pulled the ball sack to force the balls into the bottom until the skin was tight and shiny. She slid the leather string tight around the top of the scrotum, as close to the crotch as possible, and tied it tight. She tied another leather tape close to the first one. Once done, she took a razor and started to sharpen it on a skin belt.

The Queen was actively rubbing her pussy, extremely hot in anticipation of the final step of the castration.

When the girl felt that the razor was sharp enough, she turned her head to look at the Queen, waiting for her approval to proceed.

The Queen was very close to orgasm. She just whispered "Hurry!".

The girl quickly grabbed the balls outlined in their sack, pulled firmly and placed the blade on the scrotum, just between the two leather ties. She had a final glance at the Queen and decided it was time. In a second, the sack containing the balls went free in her hand and the man had a sudden convulsion when the blade jerked through the skin. As the girl was herself enjoying this very special moment, she heard the Queen going into a long and intense orgasm.

The servant was unbelievably sexually frustrated not to be authorised to finger herself off, but she was aware of the benefit of being the one performing the procedure rather than being the audience of the show. She would hold the charge until she got back to her quarters.

The man's body was limp with both exhaustion and shock. He was forced to stand up by the guards and his crotch was presented to the Queen for her inspection.

She played a moment with the softened penis and examined the tied stump, feeling that deep and extreme satisfaction she usually experienced just after a castration. This time she wanted more.

"He will have no use of this superb foreskin anymore," she said. "It is even cruel to let him play with it and regret the good time it gave. Lets circumcise him before we let him go."

The young servant couldn't help let out a little squeal. The queen knew, circumcising was what she liked doing the most. The girl walked directly to the man and kneeled in front of his outstretched legs.

"Make sure it's a full circumcision," warned the queen. The servant knew just what she meant.

With the bloody razor still in her hand, she pulled the foreskin right back and cut right around the naked glans, just below the corona. She deftly, completely excised the frenulum including a portion of inner skin either side of it. The skin was then pulled forward, stretched and, again, cut along the corona witch could be guessed below the skin. The foreskin went loose between her fingers and the glans reappeared.

The two sides of the skin were stiched together. As a lot of skin was missing along the shaft but also across, where the frenulum used to be, it was necessary to stretch the remaining skin severely before sewing and the penis was permanently raised and sticking out as a result of this. Also, due to the lateral pull, where the frenulum and skin to each side had been removed, the penis was narrowed before the head. Due to blood restirciton the glans itself was reduced to the size of a small cherry.

The man's new penis was presented again to the Queen. She checked that there was no play at all left in the skin, and that what remained fitted very tightly all over the penis.

"Perfect, as usual." she said. "Now he has really nothing left which could remind him what was sexual pleasure." She looked at the man and added. "All this was for your own good, I am not a barbarian, you know. Look how your small dick is now tight, clean and proudly raised. Now, you look like a little boy who played with his little bird, it is so cute!"

She then turned to her young assistant and said "Let him kiss goodbye to his balls before he leaves and ask the cook to prepare them for my dinner."

When the man left, the Queen turned and asked her young servant, "What do we have for tomorrow?"

"Well, monthly executions. A lot of hanging this time. Her Majesty will have fun."